Financial Beliefs Money Rules The Gap Self-Esteem Investing Credit Score Wealth Building Accounts Retirement Assets Cash Machine Life/Estate Plan Entities Spending Plan Tithing Debt Plan Insurance Financial Baseline Paperwork Liberty Day Networks of Help

Financial Beliefs

  • The biggest contributor to your current and future financial results is your beliefs about you and money.
  • Whatever you decide about you and having wealth – you will be right. What are you being right about?

Money Rules

Paying bills on time is a money rule. Paying late fees and finance charges is a money rule too. Which one will work to build wealth?

The Gap

The distance between your Financial Baseline and your Liberty Day.


Your net worth will never be higher than your self-worth. Increasing your self-esteem and increasing your wealth go hand in hand.


Is your money out there working for you, multiplying? Is your money creating passive income? It’s time to enter the world of investing.

Credit Score

  • One number that tells creditors how good of a bet you are, how likely you will pay your debts.
  • Improving your credit score save you money on mortgage rates, interest rates, insurance rates, rent and utility deposits.
  • Your credit score affects almost every area of your life. Do you know your credit score?

Wealth Building Accounts

An account for the sole purpose of purchasing assets and making investments.


  • How do you want to live in retirement? It’s time to make it a priority.
  • Your future self needs you to stop avoiding.


The Law of GOYA – Get off your lazy assets.

Cash Machine

  • You need a cash machine to fund your wealth building account to fund your investments.
  • Do you want to create a new cash machine or get excited about a current cash machine?
Life/Estate Plan
Everyone needs a life/estate plan. It can be as simple as a retirement plan or as complex as passing on a legacy and/or generational wealth.


  • Give yourself peace of mind by making sure that all of your assets are protected with entities – LLCs, S Corp, C Corp.
  • It’s time to treat yourself like a business. Are you taking advantage of all of the legal tax deductions available to you?
Spending Plan
When money comes in where does it go? A spending plan is a future forecast of where you will spend your money, including saving, investing and tithing.


  • When you close up the world closes up around you. When you open up the world opens up around you.
  • When you give you more fully live. And you attract more wealth!
Debt Plan
The average American household has $15,000 in credit card debt. It’s time to get rid of the bad debt.
Insurance is more than protecting yourself against rare occurences. Insurance can be used as a wealth building tool. Find out how.

Financial Baseline

  • This is your Point A. Your current net worth, your current credit score, your current income and expenses.
  • Most people, when they figure out their Point A, are much better off than they thought they were.
Do paperwork or be poor! It’s that simple. Significant wealth is not attracted to chaos.

Liberty Day

  • When you have the liberty to go where you want, when you want, with who you want.
  • The day your passive income exceeds your expenses and you can quit your job.
Networks of Help
Wealth building is a team sport. It’s time to increase your network.