Why your “Why” is Critical for Wealth building?

You want to become wealthy? You’re ready for liberty? Perhaps you’ve already set wealth building goals and fell off the wagon? You want to change your life, yet maybe your daily actions aren’t supporting what you think you want, as if you have invisible handcuffs holding you back.

Sometimes the invisible handcuffs are a result of not having motivation and one of the key causes for motivation is understanding your core “why” or your core “desire”.

Why do you want what you want?

What about your “why”?

Do you have a full understanding of your “why” yet? Do you know what motivates you enough to be 100% committed? What will put the fire in your spirit to do what it takes to be and have what you want? Do you have a compelling reason for implementing daily disciplines you may be dreading? If you want to build wealth, however, aren’t motivated to do what it takes, it may be because you need to connect emotionally to your “why”.  In my wealth building course known as Better Wealth Seminar, I spend time on the importance of your “why”!  

Because, your “why” is one of the most critical factors to wealth building.

Your “why” is often emotional. You may be sick and tired of being poor or you may have an internal longing for liberty. Perhaps you have a deep desire for traveling? Whatever it is, when you’re taking the action steps to build wealth, your “why” is a key factor that will get you there.

Your “why” is often deeper than you think!

Let’s say your “why” is to be wealthy so you can have more freedom. However, below the surface reason is the emotional one, which is what does that mean to you? When we ask what freedom means to you, it might be that you get to spend more time with your son or daughter. You get to do something you’ve aspired to do for a long time. You get to support a loved one who’s ill. This is the layer of your “why” that creates a depthful motivation beyond the pretense. When you contemplate on your life and delve into your deep motivation, start with the superficial and keep asking what it means to you.  You’ll acquire a new level of motivation when you really understand that part of yourself.

Getting deeply connected to your “why” will give you the motivation you’ll need to persevere when things get hard. Through the Better Wealth Seminar education, coming soon, you’ll get connected to your “why” and begin to see from other wealth builders that building wealth can be a reality for you, if you take the action steps. And those invisible handcuffs that might be holding you back from creating the wealth you desire, may just be there because you haven’t connected to your “why?” Go inside yourself and contemplate, what is your “why” and what does your “why” truly mean to you. Hopefully, this contemplation will take you to new realms of possibility and a desire to take the action you hadn’t realized or taken before.

What is Better Best Network?

Better Best Network provides a broad scope of wealth education that simplifies complicated money situations into a clear step by step action plan making wealth building real and attainable. When you work with Better Best Network, you realize wealth building is much easier than you thought.

  • Discover new possibilities for creating multiple streams of income from experts who are doing it
  • Expand your wealth by learning how to creatively build assets  
  • Grow your wealth with a clear action plan
  • Learn how to make money start working for you even when you have debt
  • Learn resourceful ways to cut your expenses without feeling limitation
  • Gain the knowledge that gives money relief and hope for a brighter financial future.
  • Become enlightened and proactive with money
  • Break the chains of financial beliefs that are restricting your life
  • Get the clarity and knowledge that makes financial freedom tangible
  • Discover how to build your future
  • Shift from building wealth is intimidating to building wealth is easy and doable
  • Eye opening experience filled with possibility and hope
  • Understand the precise actions you need to take to make more money
  • Discover who you need to become to grow wealth

Here’s what others are saying:

Better Best network revealed for me a great moment of truth to find out where I am financially, so I can move forward and create massive abundance. Sara G

This seminar provided for me a point a and gave me the financial picture, a new awareness of my relationship with money and so many ideas of how to invest it to make my money work for me. Joan H

I was able to see where I am financially and emotionally related to my finances and what seemed intimidating before seems easy and doable now. Wendy F

This class gives you the precise actions you need to create the financial freedom and net worth you desire. Ilonapoka

Wow, For the first time ever I understand why I have struggled with money and can see how I need to change and begin having the relationship I desire with it. Ferrin T.

Clarity is power and this course provides a definite starting point A and what is needed to get to point b. I learned my own relationship with wealth is essential to growth which is why this is invaluable. Mandi

The next Better Wealth class will be held June 9-11, 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ. As a PSI Seminars graduate, we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to take the course for just $595 — a $100 discount off of the regular tuition! You can register here.

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