Tithing, The Best Kept Wealth Secret

In my younger years I couldn’t understand why anyone would give away 10% of what they earned to something they wouldn’t directly benefit from. These days I swear by tithing as the best kept wealth building secret ever. The definition of word “tithe” is simply 10%; hence the reason that’s the standard amount that people give when they tithe.

I have learned there is a Universal Law that says that what you put out comes back ten-fold (And never from the same source it was given to). Let’s, for a minute, take into consideration what ten-fold means. If you give $1000 then you receive back $10,000. It might come back in the form of 5 new real estate clients, an inheritance, a big sale, a promotion.

I can remember the first time that I chose to tithe regularly on a monthly basis. It was so much money to me to see seemingly go nowhere, at least nowhere that was benefiting me directly – or so I thought. Then I started watching what was going on in my life and I was certainly reaping the benefits everywhere. Coincidences? – maybe if it had only happened one time but it didn’t. The more consistently I tithed, the more my income increased, the more I was able to tithe and that cycle still goes on for me today. I am truly blessed to have the life I have and even more so to be able to give to those in need.

Tithing increases your self-esteem. The more you tithe the more you increase your self-esteem. When you tithe you walk different and you look at yourself in the mirror different. Tithing helps you to know yourself and get over yourself. When you open up the world opens up around you. When you close up the world closed up around you.

If you are already tithing, good for you! If you want to start tithing, then you can set some rules or parameters for yourself. Here are some suggestions that may help:

  1. I have a separate bank account where I put 10% of my income automatically so its ready to be given to charities and causes around the world. Tithing does not have to be to a church or religious organization. Personally I tithe where ever it fills my spirit.
  2. I choose to tithe 10% of my income but you can choose to tithe any amount you want to get started. Starting with 1% or 5% is just as good; the key is to start. I also get the question of whether to use the gross or net income amount and the answer to that is how much do you want to come back 10X?
  3. Tithing can be given in the form of goods and services instead of money. I have a friend who is a hair stylist and she donates a full day of work to shelters and similar places where she does people’s hair for free. That’s her form of tithing. If you have a specialized skill or talent, you can choose to tithe the same way.
  4. If you choose to tithe to an organization that has the tax designation of 501 (c) 3, remember that whatever you give is tax deductible.
  5. Donation of goods can be a form of tithing too.

For me, tithing has been the absolute best thing I ever did to build wealth. If you don’t believe it works, test it! If you are having a hard time wrapping your mind around giving your money to tithing, just think of it this way: The 10% was never yours to begin with.

Renee Cermak
“World peace rocks and so does being rich!” Mike Dooley

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