“Just more evidence that wealth building requires constant review of topics I’ve heard before, because I’m in a new level of wealth building.”

— Portia

“Because of this class, I feel more knowledgeable and confident about my money, my future, and my choices. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I have hope and excitement about what I can do now to create the future I want.”

— Jennifer Sullivan

“Having attended several wealth seminars, I thoroughly appreciated the benefits of attending this class. All of the greatest lessons and content put into a weekend seminar was well worth the time and money invest into myself.”

— Matthew B.

“This is hands down the most valuable 2 days I have ever invested in. Thank you!”

— Kristen M.

“The tools were invaluable. The class will be paid for exponentially by putting even one concept into practice.”

“Better Wealth inspired me to take an accurate look at my finances and provided me the tools to build liberty. Renee and Fred provide great examples of leaders and share their wonderful insight.”

— Jeremy

“WOW! What a great class this past weekend! I walked in with not a whole lot of undersatnading and had my own idea of wealth, and walked out with lots of education!!! The class was last weekend and there has not been a day that goes by that I am not moving forward and aware of my finances. The really GREAT thing about this, is my attitude has changed around money and its actually alot of fun for me! thank you Renee and Fred!!”

“I went in unsure, scared and overwhelmed. I came out confident, ready and prepared! So excited to put into action what I learned this weekend and start creating REAL wealth. Thank you, Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne – you two are great! ♥”

— Donna W.

“I have learned some great tools over the weekend and am looking forward to getting into partnership with my wife and applying what we learned.”

— Tommy

“This seminar gave me the opportunity to get clearer on my “Point A” and solidified my understanding, or lack thereof, regarding my relationship with money. In addition, I realize that I need to start taking more risks and improve my self-esteem.”

— Unknown

“I feel I have a very clear idea and plan as to how I will be creating my future wealth. I’ve already implemented several of the tools. Very excited to see my financials in 365 days.”

“I used the tools you recommended in Dec 2010 for debt reduction and I am excited to use the new tools I acquired for my next step – building cash machines and assets.”

“I wish I had this class 15 years ago. It would have saved me untold amounts of money.”

“Great weekend! Many ideas to implement immediately and reminders of things I use to do to be successful. I look forward to the results as I implement all I learned over the next 90 days.“

— Steve C.

“Great information, I will be back. There was far too much to absorb in the time allotted.”

— Zach

“I learned more about my relationship with money and the value of letting money flow freely. I also learned more about have to diversify and where to start with investing.”

— Christina

“Financial groundhog day. I learned how to climb out of the dark hole and where and how to access tools and resources – empowering!”

— Jon

“This is a fantastic class for clarity, power, and foundation for success! Fun.”

— Unknown

“Thank you Renee and Fred for sharing and being so open. You make it all look so easy. It is simple if you do the work.”

“This class has left me feeling excited and thrilled about my future. I have been inspired about my future!”

— Dean L.

“Taking the Better Best Network courses is quickly proving to be one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. I have already gotten my financials under control and protected because of the courses. I am now growing my net worth day by day and learning fantastic new investment options! I am loving these classes!”

“Another fantastic class! I got even more out of it the second time and am excited to have my friends and family go so that we can begin building more wealth together.”

“This was in the top 5 experiences of my life to date in terms of value, growth and benefit. I will never be able to be who I was financially before I walked into this class. I am forever changed for the better!“

— Nicole T.

“I recommend this seminar to all, regardless of income or wealth. Of course, I especially recommend beginners to the course. Excellent class to start for W-2 looking to venture out.”

— Miklo

“This class allowed me to see my “Point A.” I had never calculated my net worth before. It made me more aware and gave me a game plan to start saving and planning for my future. Very valuable!! Thank you!!”

— Andrea

“Attending Better Wealth was truly an eye opening experience. Getting in touch with how you react to your finances opens all kinds of positive opportunities. There’s no time like the present.”

— Leesa

“This class was really great! I could have spent a lot of time and even years learning what was presented in two days. I left the weekend with a new relationship with money and a game plan for creating more wealth, managing it and protecting it. I have already created some great results and am excited to finally feel that my family is being taken care of and that I am in a place to give back to my community as well! Thank you Better Best Network!!”

— Ginger

“This class gave me a point “A” on where to start my wealth building, the tools to get to Point “B,” and unlocked the fear I had about investing. I can’t wait to get started!”

“The Better Best Network opened a bigger window for me to see how I look at building wealth. This class gave me a broader view at all aspects of building wealth.”

— Bryan C.

“This class was not only educational; it provided a much needed respite from all the negativity about money out there in the world. I feel empowered!”

— Annette C.

“I left the class feeling empowered about my finances. It gave me the tools and courage to begin taking action the very next day. I am excited for a bright financial future!”

— Shelley N.

“Gave me a reality check of where I am at and what I can change to improve my situation. A new view on “wealth” and removed some of the negativity and fear of building wealth.”

— Ana

“Nice overview of the 20 windows and you get to come back again and again.”

“Great class! I obtained lots of insight into investing and feel encouraged to invest. I feel excited to be on my way to starting my journey to wealth building. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“I surely feel that this weekend was well worth the time spent because it forced me to get real about my Point A and get excited about the possibilities of a Point B. Much gratitude!”

“It was a great overall financial experience that helped me learn more about my relationship with my money and my goals.”

— Kenny

“Good experience. It is good to see the big picture in new perspective from accredited and respected individuals.”

— Bob

“Have you ever heard the saying “You just don’t know what you don’t know”? I had no idea how much was available to learn about wealth building! From what I thought I knew about “wealthy people”, to all the ways having my own personal wealth can help others, to how POSSIBLE having my own personal wealth really is! The value of this class is immeasurable. I am excited to be in a network of people who are sharing ideas and successes, and I am excited to have access to the knowledge and experience of Fred and Renee. Thank you so much for creating this program and for making it so much fun!”

“This is a great class to really help put things in order, gain perspective on where you are, where you want to be and how/ways to get there.”

— Ellicia

“I am so excited! I have always put my head in the sand where money is concerned. I look forward to seeing and being aware…having a plan. I feel very blessed and hopeful for my future. Thanks!”

— Jen

“Experience was laid back, no judgment and had laughs from time to time. Learned that I have a lot of work ahead.”

“The seminar has opened up endless possibilities and I feel my financial future will be successful and I will have control.”

— Unknown

“This was a great starting seminar. It showed me the possibilities and pointed me in the direction to find out more. Definitely useful in peaking interest.”

— Sean

“An exceptional seminar, which I would gladly recommend to any and all.”

“If you are reading this then you are ready. The next step is to sign up and attend. Where is that “stuff” they should have taught about money, real money…….HERE!“

— Natalie S.


“GREAT, AWESOME Wealth Building Class last weekend!! I attended this class originally 30 days ago and have already increased my net worth, taken steps to protect my growing wealth and networked with some fantastic people. I took the opportunity to re-audit this last class and it took things to another amazing level. I have new action steps and am looking forward to what I am creating in the next 30 days!! Thank you Renee and Fred!”

“Great start to building wealth. Wow. This can be fun.”

— Janelle

“It was enlightening to actually spend a concentrated amount of time talking and learning with others about the ease of wealth building.”

— Helen

“Coming back to the class is still valuable. To see my financial thinking change is great self esteem to know I am headed in the direction I want.”

“Clarity is power and this course provides a definite starting “Point A,” and what is needed to get to “Point B.” The relationship with wealth and money are essential to growth, which is why this is invaluable.”

— Mandi

“Two days have taken me from overwhelmed to excited about putting together a plan and executing.”

— Donna

“I knew I needed this, and now I know HOW much I need it. Get started!”

“I gained so man new tools that I can begin to implement today toward building wealth. I have no doubt that my net worth will be much higher a year from now and will continue to grow – thanks largely to this class. Thank you!”

— Alisa

“Great weekend and good mix of learning new stuff and getting brushed up on stuff to start applying. Looking forward to the 180-day program.”

— Blake

“Until this seminar I was kind of overwhelmed about my financial situation. This course has revealed to me what I have to do in order to succeed in my financial and life ventures. Thank you.”

— Scott

“Great presenters, topics and information that will help everybody.”

“Before coming to the class I was worried about my future and wasn’t taking action due to lack of knowledge and avoidance. I’m actually excited to work on my financial present and future. It’s not bigger than me!”