Experience hands-on, intensive wealth-building and personal development training with expert wealth coaches Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne at Better Best Network events. They will transform your life for the better. Better Best Network developed these seminars and webinars to get you ready, give you the tools and help you execute new ways of thinking about wealth—complete with a 90-day follow-up program and a 180-day intensive program. You’ll walk away with the tools and the experiences you need to not only build wealth, but also your best life.

Renee and Fred are tough teachers, but through their methods and their madness, you’ll build your self-esteem, a prerequisite to success while you learn valuable real life lessons like, “The concept of money and how to make it,” “How to have a healthy relationship with money,” “Gaining discipline when it comes to saving and investing” and “What separates the wealthy from the poor.”

“About Better Wealth” One Hour Presentation

 About Better Wealth  prepares you to take on the financial challenges necessary to achieve a better life, your best life.

  • The About Better Wealth presentation provides you the insight necessary to increase your wealth.  This presentation will introduce you to the basics you need to achieve your best wealth.

It is possible to lead your financial life.  You will discover it is not bigger than you, and this About Better Wealth presentation will show you how to take it one step at a time.

Attend our About Better Wealth presentation to improve your financial situation and achieve your best wealth in the future!

 “Better Wealth” – 2 Day

Through the Better Wealth seminar you will get all the answers to the tough questions about wealth that no one else talks about.  This seminar will show you what you need to do, where to put your money, how to prioritize your wealth and increase your overall net worth – living a better life.

Better Wealth Seminar Will Take You Through:

  • My Now vs. My Future
  • Thought Process – Rich vs. Poor
  • Creating Assets and Cash Flows vs. Liabilities and Expenses
  • Twenty Windows of Wealth
  • Retirement: What’s Your Number?
  • What’s Possible
  • Learn that Building Wealth is Not Bigger Than You
  • Building Wealth Can Be Fun!

You work hard for your money, now let your money work hard for you!