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Are you in debt with no savings? Do you feel like you should be financially further in life? Perhaps you’re a little frustrated? Perhaps you’re tired of always paying expenses and never being ahead of the game? Your life right now might even seem like a huge money pit!

Well, the bad news is, if you keep doing the same stuff you’re doing now, you could end up working as a cashier in a grocery store at age seventy. And the good news is, you’re not alone and you can shift your future outcomes starting right now.

Believe it or not, building wealth isn’t rocket science.

When you focus your energies on it and get the right education, you can change this situation you’re in.

If others can do it, you sure can. You see, wealth experts Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne have built their own wealth and love it so much, they teach others just like you the step by step process on how to build wealth too. It’s amazing how their education helps others build solid financial futures when implemented.

During a recent interview with Fred and Renee, we discussed some crucial first steps they shared for wealth building. Disclaimer: Just so you’re aware, implementing these steps could impact your financial future forever.

Most of us haven’t a clue where to start when it comes to building wealth. For the first step, when asking Renee what people can do to get started, she responded, “You can set up a wealth building account and pay yourself first…ten percent of your income. Paying yourself first is so important and you don’t have to feel limited doing this because you can still live on the remaining 90% of your income.

She continued, “Imagine if you started doing this at eighteen years old, and treated this account as if it had a one way valve in! Then you use the ten percent exclusively for making investments and purchasing assets that create passive income. Envision how much money you could create knowing how investments can grow over a thirty year time period.” Even if you’re not eighteen years old, you can begin to pay yourself first at any age. Most people have heard of pay yourself first, yet very few people do it. If you really do want to build wealth and your not just saying it, it’s time to shift this concept into a reality and begin taking this crucial action step. Your future self will thank you for it.

For the second step, Fred Auzenne states, “In order to become proficient at saving and building assets, you need to get educated to learn the best ways to build assets, grow and manage your money. Most people fall short in this arena because school systems don’t typically teach financial education.”

Financial education also means educating yourself on your own finances. Renee adds, “Before you can plan for a different financial future, you must get very honest with where you are today. Taking inventory of your current financial situation will help you define the steps to take in order to go from point A, your current state, to point B, towards building the wealth you aspire to have.”

Thirdly, Fred and Renee both discuss the importance of upleveling your network. Here’s why? As you continue to consciously upgrade your networks of help, you’ll begin to develop the mindset of others who have mastered the game of money.

Your mindset is the foundation for building wealth because your beliefs have a powerful impact on your life.

Renee states, “Naturally, we tend to attract what we are, not what we want to be more of. The key is to consciously attract what you want to be more of and upgrade your networks of help by spending more time with people who think bigger, think wealthier and who make more money than you. Soon their mindset will rub off on you and successful, wealthy people tend to hang out with other successful, wealthy people. As a bonus, they also love to help other people join them in success.”

Paying yourself first, becoming educated and upleveling your network are profound steps you can take right now to impact your financial future. Others who are implementing these steps are changing their outcomes and if they can do it, you can too.

Better Best Network provides a broad scope of wealth education that simplifies complicated money situations into a clear step by step action plan making wealth building real and attainable. When you work with Better Best Network, you’ll realize wealth building is much easier than you thought.

“Definitely the principles you learn in class will carry with you for your entire life. One weekend can change how you truly live the rest of your life. Better Best Network is a benchmark, a milestone and the knowledge gained from this class will keep paying you dividends again and again, like money itself.”
– Tom R.

“I made more money than I ever had in my whole life just from taking the two day class. How I feel and think about money and how money comes to me now. I created additional streams of income. I can pay bills, do more things. I learned how to live like a business.”
– Nicole T.

Better Best Network Seminars is the education that’ll help you begin building your life of wealth. In this program you’ll:
– Break the chains of financial beliefs that are restricting your life
– Get the clarity and knowledge that makes financial freedom tangible
Grow your wealth with a clear step by step action plan
– Learn how to make money start working for you even when you have debt
– Gain the ability to create new wealth opportunities
– Become wealth competent
Discover new possibilities for creating multiple streams of income from experts who are doing it
Expand your wealth by learning how to creatively build assets

Duration of the program: Jan 20-22nd 2017
Where: Phoenix
Presenters: Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne

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