Learn how to start making money work for you … even when you have debt!

Pay off debt or build wealth? (Which do you do first?)

Most people adapt a school of thought that wealth building is secondary to paying off your debt and only after your debt is payed, then you can start investing and saving. In actuality, this way of thinking prevents you from building wealth now, and instead projects your wealth as something that might happen in the future.

Perhaps this is why 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 dollars in their savings. Most often, when we project a goal such as wealth building out into the future without considering the present moment, the “now”, it turns into a someday goal that doesn’t usually happen.

But, what if you can do both?

What if you can find ways to create assets, while using the interest or passive income you receive from your assets to pay off your debt?

This way, you’re creating a “money tree” that will pay you dividends for years and years to come, while simultaneously becoming debt free. Wealth expert Renee Cermak would recommend you to first invest, grow your money tree and use the interest from your investment to pay off the debt.”

This is how the wealthy think, and rather than seeing the situation as either/or they think in terms of greater possibility and include “and” in their thinking, opening up their ideas to do both.

In the Better Wealth Seminar, you’ll begin getting accustomed to this new mindset and learn creative, outside of the box ideas of how to grow your assets, even if you do have debt. You’ll learn profound tools of how the wealthy become wealthy that most people don’t know about.

Learn about an opportunity to join the Better Wealth Seminar at www.betterwealthseminar.com .

The next Better Wealth class will be held June 9-11, 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ. As a PSI Seminars graduate, we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to take the course for just $595 — a $100 discount off of the regular tuition! You can register here.

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