Learn How To Creatively Build Investments/Assets!

Learn How To Creatively Build Investments/Assets!  

If you’re a saver and want your money to grow, but aren’t sure how to build assets outside of traditional methods, then this is for you! When wealth experts Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne first began their wealth-building journey over a decade ago, they had three to five sources of income. Today, after years of financial education on how to build wealth, they have over 50 sources of income. They created a system that allows money to work for them, rather than them having to work for money and they teach this to people who have a desire to build wealth too. When you learn the many ways you can build investments/assets, you can become wealthy.

In a recent interview with wealth expert Fred Auzenne, he shares from his own experience some simple ways to learn how to invest, and also some investment ideas where you can start investing and creating new sources of income right now!

Renee speaks about different types of investments and adds, “Just to clarify, there are different types of income including both passive and active investments. Passive investments are what we call mailbox money, where you invest and receive returns without working for it. Your money is working for you. An example of this would be lending money in the form of a promissory note and receiving interest, or owning a rental property with a property manager. Then there are active investments, where you actively manage, or work for the fruits of money. For example, a rental property you manage, or even a business you run”.

From beginner to investment pro!

For those of you who are new to investing, a way you can begin learning about investing is by joining an investment club.  Whether you want to join a real estate investor group or one that focuses primarily on stocks. This can be your foundational staple so you can gain the knowledge you need to learn how to invest.

Fred shares how he began learning, “When I was in the military, we formed an investment club on penny stocks. Part of the investment club deal is that you have to meet weekly and each person comes to each meeting with a different stock they researched. You didn’t have to exclusively research penny stocks, but you could. Then, we all pooled assets to buy the stocks we had decided on. There is a book called the ‘Beardstown Ladies about one of the most successful investment clubs out there”.

Fred continues, “This was a way we could leverage other people’s talent, efforts, and cash. It’s educational, it’s fun and you get to learn all about stocks. There is an association that has different meetings throughout the year that you can attend. This was also an inexpensive way to develop a portfolio of stocks. An advantage of focusing on stocks, of course, is that it’s fluid. We started this in the military and we eventually had to rotate to our next duty station. We could either stay in or sell off a portion of the assets and take our money. I had invested like $600-700 through the course of the whole thing and I cashed out at about $3,200 when I rotated. It was fun and you could also do this on a bigger scale”.

A inexpensive way to gain your first investment!

Fred shares another way anyone can start building investments, “You could find a small condo, we just received a email with a few off the market for $45,000 to $55,000 dollars. You can put a low cash investment of $10,000 dollars down and gain a mortgage of four hundred bucks a month. Then you can rent the property for $675.00 to $750.00 and begin generating positive income for a little money, and the condo, with time, will increase in equity”.

Renee adds, “When you build investments and begin exponentially growing your assets, the doom and gloom periods will become opportunistic”!

Renee continues, “During the 2008 time period where most were doom and gloom and losing their houses. There was a whole set of people who thought it was the greatest time period in the world. For the people who had money to invest, we couldn’t buy houses fast enough. Anyone who could invest, probably actively increased their assets during that time. One of the slides that we have in the seminar we talk about all the fix-and-flips we did during that time period. Some, we held onto for a very long time because they generated passive income.”

Trends of the time!

Renee continues, “We would buy houses between $50,000 and $100,000. We were the money and we had partners that found houses, fixed them up and sold them. We received 60% of the profit and our partners received 40%. Most of the houses we flipped in 90 days or less. I never saw those properties. Some of the properties we held on to for cash flow and for increasing equity”.

A creative way to build a investment with time and effort versus cash!

If you can solve a problem and write it so it’s a solution, you can capitalize on intellectual property. This is an outside of the box type of investment. If you’re getting started and don’t have money to invest, yet you have knowledge, a solution for something you’re passionate about, and like to teach, your time investment for intellectual property could be tremendous. Especially, if your book or program is positioned to solve a problem, and you learn how to market correctly, this could be a great opportunity for you to create an investment without the cash.

Intellectual property, if positioned to connect to an audience can potentially become a substantial opportunity for passive income. The big secret to creating intellectual property is the ability to solve a problem for the needs or desires of a specific market. You can license the intellectual property for passive income possibility, or teach the intellectual property yourself and eventually educate others to teach it.

A couple examples for how you could create and capitalize on intellectual property. If you are a high level salesperson who’s created innovative strategies selling from many years of experience, then you could create an educational program that teaches people how to be a successful salesperson.  

We also know someone who was a previous scientist and noticed an education gap from grade school to high school in Arizona. She created an experiential science program for her daughter to ensure children are prepared for high school and today she licenses the same program to grade schools for passive income opportunity.

Whether you choose to invest in passive investments that will give mailbox money or active assets where you invest time, there are thousands upon thousands of ways to invest in an array of different niches. We just mentioned a few, and investing in an investor group for the niche you prefer is a great start. Whether you choose to invest in a real estate property, a fix/flip, rental income, or if you want to capitalize and spend your resource of time creating intellectual property, the different ways to invest and build assets are limitless.



If you want to learn so much more about building wealth so that you can begin your own wealth building journey. There is a class available in just a few weeks.

What is the Better Wealth Seminar focus? We provide an array of education for those who are looking for inventive ways to grow and build their assets, maximize investments and create multiple streams of income to ensure future financial freedom. After this course you’ll see money differently! You’ll be empowered to become a wealthbuilder as well.

In the the Better Wealth Seminar on January on 20th – 22nd you’ll:

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  • Explore more inventive ways to build assets, that most people don’t know about

 Our intention of the Better Wealth Seminar is to move you towards an expansive mindset where you begin to see possible what you’ve never consciously considered before while still giving you the step by action strategies you need to make wealth building happen.  Fred Auzenne and Renee Cermak

What others are saying:

“Since the seminar three years ago I’ve made more money than ever, now I have armies of money in the form of diverse types of assets working for me. It would have taken me years to learn what I learned in one weekend on my own.” – Laci B

“Definitely the principles you learn in class will carry with you for your entire life. One weekend can change how you truly live the rest of your life. Better Best Network is a benchmark, a milestone and the knowledge gained from this class will keep paying you dividends again and again, like money itself.”  – Tom R.

              The next Better Wealth Seminar  will be held

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