Learn from the monkeys how to invest!

Many of you probably think that investing and building wealth is only for the “experts” and some of you may even avoid getting involved. But what if you considered, that idea is a myth?

What if even any monkey could beat the market and you realized that it really isn’t hard to grow and build your investments! Would that be more empowering for you?

Well, according to a recent article by Forbes, titled Any Monkey Can Beat the Market.  Monkeys throwing random darts at 100 stocks are better at investing than the experts! And this isn’t a joke. There’s real data to back this up.

How did this start?

As stated in this Forbe’s article, This started in 1973 when Princeton University professor Burton Malkiel claimed in his bestselling book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, that “A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by experts.”

What did they learn from this!

When Research Affiliates showcased the simulated results of 100 monkeys throwing darts at the stock pages in a newspaper, they found, the average monkey surpassed the index by an average of 1.7 percent per year since 1964.

Rob Arnott, CEO of Research Affiliates states in a recent conference, “The monkeys have done a much better job than both the experts and the stock market.”

How did the monkeys get better results and what is the secret to outperforming the experts!

The Forbe’s article explains, seriously, the trick behind the outperforming portfolios had nothing to do with monkeys or darts.

The results came from the widely recognized small-cap premium knowledge, that smaller company stocks and value stocks outperform the market over the period. They say that taking risk gives bigger returns and when taking risk by investing in smaller companies, an extra return is expected.

These smaller companies may not be well known, global, or capitalized, and they may only have a few products, and no large distribution networks for their products; however, this makes them riskier than larger companies. Risk often equals a greater reward.

The article also explains, in addition, smaller companies have to pay more than large companies when borrowing money. So, it’s logical that equity investors would expect to earn more relative to larger companies.

If you’d like to read the entire article the link is attached and the title is Any Monkey Can Beat the Market.

With this knowledge, it seems there’s a great benefit to integrating smaller companies into your portfolio. This is simplistic education that can help you with your own investing decisions. Realizing that any monkey can beat the market by adding small companies, should for sure alleviate investing anxiety of being in the unknown zone.

This should also empower you to really see how simplistic this can be and how important education is. Wealth expert Fred Auzenne states, “Education is one of the number one contributors for becoming wealthy and expanding your mindset.”

For you to be successful, the more education you get like from this article, the more comfortable you’ll feel in making the best investing decisions in your wealth building journey.

You see, we weren’t taught this stuff in school, so it’s easy to categorize becoming wealthy as only for the selected few. In reality though, wealth building isn’t hard at all and if you have a real desire to begin learning, to elevate yourself and your life … you CAN do this.

If any monkey can, why can’t you!

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What are some of the benefits of the seminar?

The Better Wealth Seminar provides an array of education for those who are looking for inventive ways to grow and build their assets, maximize investments and create multiple streams of income to ensure future financial freedom.


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