If Money Could Talk

If money could talk what would it say to you?

Would it sing your praises? Or would it tell you where to go? Have you ever considered that you are in a relationship with money?

Think about it, if you treated your significant other the way that you treat money would you still be in a relationship?

We spend time, money, energy and affection on our relationship with our significant others…date nights, vacations, marriage counseling, pursuit of hobbies. And the amount of TLC we give that relationship is in direct proportion to the quality of that relationship. The same goes for our children, our family and friends. We invest time, money and energy into all of those relationships. We have a relationship with our pets that we invest in through taking walks, vet appointments, dog training, affection. We even have a relationship with our car. We talk to our car; we even give them names. We wash them and take care of them. We spend a lot of time, energy, and emotions working on the relationships that we deem the most important; however when is the last time that you took a serious look at the relationship that you have with money? When is the last time you gave money a little TLC?

Have you ever thought about your financial situation and drawn any correlations with your relationship with money? And what if, how you treat your relationship with money directly correlates with how you treat other relationships in your life? Maybe now is a good time to really take a look at how you have been treating money and how that affects your bank account.


I want you to think of money as an actual person with a personality and a voice. If money could talk what would it have to say to you? Would it tell you “Great job! I love being in partnership with you.” Or would the conversation look different. Would you be able to talk to each other without being defensive? Does your money respect you? Like you? Trust you? Would your money hire you? Date you? Are you abusive or caring to your money? Take a look at the home you have set up for money and paperwork i.e. look at your desk, filing cabinets, bank accounts. Is it cozy or chaotic? Would you be comfortable living that way? Do you avoid your relationship with money or spend time nurturing it? Is your money lonely? Locked up? In the dark? Or does your money get out to play and collaborate with other people’s money. Have you taught your money a good work ethic? Is your money out there working for you or is it lazy? Is your money frustrated? Excited? Bored?

I believe that money has a say in where it lives. Look around.

Maybe it’s time to sit down and have a heart to heart with money. There is no doubt that money wants to have a good relationship with you, but in order to create that, it takes both sides being willing and committed to making the relationship work. The harshest part is that typically you are the one creating the disinterest, and money has since decided that it would be better taken care of by someone else. What if you got on the same page with money? What if you were committed to doing whatever it takes to create a relationship with money where you both honor and value each other? Once you do what it takes to keep your money happy, it will do what it takes to return the favor.

I like to imagine me and money running down the beach, hand in hand, like a Viagra commercial! You can laugh, however, my money really likes me!

Renee Cermak
“World peace rocks and so does being rich!” Mike Dooley

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