How to Forever Change Your Money Mindset?

The Ultimate Exercise

Money! Do you create it easily or do you feel as though you have to work extremely hard for it? Does the worry of  not having enough keep you up at night? Is your life limited because you don’t have enough? Or is your life free because you have plenty?

Do you keep money tucked away or do you spend it freely? Do you truly value money or do you spend it on frivolous things?

These are questions to contemplate when examining your own relationship with money. Gaining awareness of your behavior with money is the first step to changing your money outcome.

“If money were a person would it date you?”

I recently attended a Better Wealth Seminar to begin my  journey of wealth building.   Wealth expert Renee Cermak asked us in her class, “If money were a person would it date you?”

This made me think  about my personal relationship with money. Would money date me? How do I really treat money? What about you, would money date you? How do you treat money?

I began to reflect on my own unconscious money behaviors.

If money were a person what would you say to it?

After this moment of contemplation, Renee Cermak asked us to do an exercise. The exercise started off like this. Write a letter to money as if money were a person. What would you say? How would you speak to money? What feelings come up when you think of money this way? Then, after you write your letter to money, you’re asked to write how money would respond to you.

It sounds quirky, but it was powerful. Below is a experiential example.

Dear Money,

I am sorry that I haven’t respected you and have given you away so freely. I want more of you but understand that in order for you to want to come live with me, I need to begin treating you better. I won’t spend you frivolously any more or give you away so freely. I’ll give you the chance to be a part of my life to grow and increase in value so that you can be there for me and with me for years to come. I will begin valuing you so you now feel comfortable living with me. I know I haven’t respected or valued you in the past, but I’d like to change that now.



How does money respond?

Dear Me,

I will be here for you when you begin valuing me. You give me away often when I come to you and when you begin taking care of me and showing me that you do want to keep me and have a relationship, I’ll begin coming to you more often and will look forward to growing in your company.



At first, I thought this was really quirky. But after I did this, I realized this exercise impacted my views about money. It caused me to internalize how I handle money and this internalization has produced behavior change with money in a short time.  That moment has  since caused me to value and respect money like I never have.

People often attend the Better Wealth Seminar to learn the tactics of wealth building.   Once there, they  find the classes portion  teaches that your relationship with money is the most impactful way to create  real behavior change for wealth building. It’s this foundation of beginning a relationship with money that makes the tactical step by step process doable, and gives the motivation to stay committed.

Now that you know the true secret to building wealth, I invite you to evaluate your own relationship with money. Write to money as if it’s a person and see what discoveries seep out of you that will awaken you to a new possibility  of creating more money  in your life.


What is Better Best Network?

Better Best Network provides a broad scope of wealth education that simplifies complicated money situations into a clear step by step action plan making wealth building real and attainable. When you work with Better Best Network, you realize wealth building is much easier than you thought.

The next Better Wealth class will be held June 9-11, 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ. As a PSI Seminars graduate, we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to take the course for just $595 — a $100 discount off of the regular tuition! You can register here.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience from the program as collected from real student interviews and are true perspectives given after the “Better Wealth Seminar” completion.

After completing this seminar you will;

  • Feel Better Equipped by understanding how to build true wealth
  • Discover a tangible process for how to build wealth
  • Shift from the thinking that building wealth is intimidating to building wealth is easy and doable
  • Understand the precise actions you need to take to make more money
  • Discover who you need to become to grow wealth
  • Experience money breakthroughs that’ll change how you view money forever
  • Begin to stop wasting money forever, and gain the discipline to cherish your money and watch it grow
  • Reset your mind to feel ease about money
  • Have an eye opening experience filled with possibility and hope
  • Rethink your networth strategy and grow it faster than you ever have
  • Learn the wealthy’s fundamental way of life that you probably aren’t accustomed too

More of what others are saying!

Definitely the principles you learn in class will carry with you your entire life. One weekend can change how you truly live the rest of your life. Better Best Network is a benchmark, a milestone and the knowledge gained from this class will keep paying you dividends again and again, like money itself.


Better Best network revealed for me a great moment of truth to find out where I am financially, so I can move forward and create massive abundance.

– Better Wealth Seminar Student

This seminar provided for me a point a and gave me the financial picture, a new awareness of my relationship with money and so many ideas of how to invest it to make my money work for me.

– Better Wealth Seminar Student

I was able to see where I am financially and emotionally related to my finances and what seemed intimidating before seems easy and doable now.

– Wendy F

This class gives you the precise actions you need to create the financial freedom and net worth you desire.

– Iona

Wow, For the first time ever I understand why I have struggled with money and can see how I need to change and begin having the relationship I desire with it.

– Ferrin T.

Clarity is power and this course provides a definite starting point A and what is needed to get to point b. I learned my own relationship with wealth is essential to growth which is why this is invaluable.

– Mandi

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