How to Develop a Positive Relationship with Money

How to Develop a Positive Relationship with Money So You Can Nurture and Grow it!

Envision your future! Don’t think about things like debt, loans, or past mistakes — really envision what is possible for your future. When we ask this, some of you might think about your lives now and who you want to meet — maybe it is the love of your life or  someone who truly inspires you. Some of you might envision purchasing your first home and who will live in it with you. Almost 100% of the time when we ask this question, you will envision other people or material things filling your lives. That is what we want for you to envision when you think about having money in your future. If you envision and focus on money, it will grow.

For you to develop this type of relationship with money, you’ll need to learn how. In our Better Wealth Seminar we delve into the concept of having a relationship with money so that more of it will come into your life and so that you truly understand how to grow it for a secure future.

Money shouldn’t be a thing you fear or just something that you put into a bank account. No! We want you to think about money as if it were your friend. Money can help you get to the places you want to go, but just like any good friendship, it has to be an equal partnership. You have to treat money with respect; in turn, it will treat you well, it will be there for you in the future and it will even help you create the life you have always wanted.

Relationships take work. Are you ready to commit to your relationship with money?

Now that you are thinking about money as if it were a person, you’ll want to take care of it, to learn more about how to nurture and grow it. Everyone knows that friendships you don’t invest time in typically start to fail or grow distant. The same can be said about your relationship with your house, your car, or your pets. You have to invest time in understanding money so that you can build a stronger relationship with it. This investment is different from other relationships because you aren’t going to take it to the vet, to the shop, or out for coffee. Instead, you will spend it wisely, make better financial decisions and start generating wealth.

What is your relationship with money right now?

Wealth expert Renee Cermak asks her students, “Where does your money live? Do you hide it away in a cold dark place? If the answer is ‘yes,’ ask yourself if you would treat your friend that way. We need to get to a place in our lives where we stop ignoring money and start building a stronger relationship with it. That way, it will be there for you when you need it to perform.”

One of the best things about changing your relationship with money is that you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you are married, have children, are single, are living with a roommate, or want to better your overall family wealth as a whole, you are not alone. Margo and her husband both went through the Better Wealth Seminar and it made a world of difference in their marriage and their overall wealth. After the class, Margo told us, “My husband and I did this together, which was a really good choice for us because we came to understand things together.” Your relationship with money doesn’t have to be an isolated one. Why not share your relationship with money with the people who are already invested in you? Like Margo said, “It can only create a stronger bond.”

An exercise that will help you develop your relationship with money!

If you ask wealth expert Renee Cermak what her relationship with money is like, she will tell you, “I like to think about me and money running down the beach hand-in-hand, like in a Viagra commercial.” To some this may sound odd; however, when you visualize this image consistently, it will strengthen your relationship with money. Visualizing techniques — feeling the experience of running down the beach with your money — will condition your mind to think positively, especially if you had negative feelings about money in the past.  

In today’s world, 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account. Most have a better relationship with spending on material items than with nurturing and growing their money.

Resetting your mindset when it comes to money doesn’t happen overnight — you have to consistently pay attention to how you view money —  but it is very fulfilling when it is done correctly. Life takes many twists and turns but those who have a positive relationship with money are left better off when life takes a turn they were not expecting. If you begin developing a relationship with your money now — nurture it and grow it — it will help you in your future. Your future self will thank you for it!


A fun exercise that helps you pay attention to your relationship with money!

  1. If money were a person would it date you?
  2. If money were a person would it hire you?
  3. Does your money respect you?
  4. Does your money like you?
  5. Does your money trust you?

The reason for these questions is to contemplate your relationship with money! Awareness is the first step to change so you can begin nurturing and growing money like you never have before.


Brook’s experience of “The Better Wealth Seminar”

From Money Frustration to Money Empowerment

Brook explains, “When thinking about finances before the seminar, I felt despair, stress, and hopelessness. I chose not to think about it and completely avoided my money situation. Money was uncomfortable and I had a negative emotion behind it.

After the seminar, the way I feel and think about money now has changed and now, money comes to me. I needed to create additional streams of income. I can pay bills and do more things. I learned how to live like a business. I own a company now and I made more money than I ever had in my whole life just from taking the two-day class.

The seminar touches on every aspect of money from a real-world, applicable standpoint. I can literally apply it. My life and future are a million times better because of the Better Wealth Seminar, Renee Cermak, and Fred Auzenne.

The five phrases I would use to describe the Better Wealth program overall would be: 1.)  Amazing experience  2.) Outstanding education  3.)  Real world application 4.) It created a huge increase in my self esteem  5.) Now I’m no longer afraid of money!



What is the Better Wealth Seminar?

The Better Wealth seminar provides an array of education for those who are looking to break the chains of the money mindset beliefs that hold them back, learn inventive ways to grow and build their assets, maximize investments, and create multiple streams of income to ensure future financial freedom.

Duration of program: Jan 20th – 22nd, 2017

Where: Phoenix, AZ

Presenters: Fred Auzenne and Renee Cermak

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