How to create a net worth of 25 million without being a huge earner!


Is wealth a future aspiration for you? Are you consciously striving to build wealth incrementally or do you currently spend most of your money on liabilities to maintain your present-day lifestyle? Whether you are money savvy or you’re simply maintaining, you’ll learn from a recent interview with wealth expert Fred Auzenne of Better Best Network, an experiential true story of how a simple tow truck business owner created a net worth of 25,000,000 dollars in a short time. Here’s the story in Fred’s words. Notice what this man does differently when it comes to both creating a business and wealth.

Fred says, “I interviewed this man because he wanted to invest a significant amount of money in my fund. Through the law, you have to fill out an investor questionnaire, demonstrate that you’re an accredited ambassador, and that your net worth is greater than a million in order to invest. In this case, he had a $25,000,000 net worth. When I interviewed him to learn how he created his money and asked what he did for a living, he said he owned a tow truck company.”

I’m thinking, “How do you make $25,000,000 running a tow truck company? Maybe he has the AAA franchise for Central California or something…” My next question was, “Well how many trucks do you have?” He said he was up to three tow trucks. Three? I’m thinking, “There’s no way that this guy can create $25,000,000 with three trucks.”

“Oh no, no, no, that’s not how I made my money, that’s just what I do.”

So I asked him. He said, “Oh no, no, no, that’s not how I made my money, that’s just what I do. How we made our money began when I bought my first tow truck, and we started our business. In California, when people park where they’re not supposed to, there’s an accident on the freeway or something happens, the Department of Transportation Safety, has a list of preferred vendors they call. They had three truck companies they typically used and over time, our business became a preferred vendor on the list. When accident one happens, they call company one, two and three and they rotate them through. Most of the other businesses wouldn’t answer the phone at two in the morning and I always would.”

Pretty soon because of his reliability, he began getting all the business and saved up enough money to buy a rental property. He started making income on the property, as well as on his tow truck company. As they gradually made more money, they bought another rental property and over time they kept buying more rental properties. The money they made from the rental properties was positive cash flow, and they used the money to pay down Note #1 and Note #2, so they were paying off their mortgage debt. As they continued adding rental properties, creating positive income, and iteratively paying off each of those notes; pretty soon they ended up with almost 30 properties. When the market went through the roof, he sold them all and that’s how he created his net worth from owning a tow truck company.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, it’s what you do with the money that you make.

Fred continues, “When I teach people in our seminars how to make money and build wealth, I explain, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it’s what you do with the money that you make. You see, most people buy things they can’t afford to impress people they don’t know. They create expenses and long term liabilities and spend the rest of their lives trying to pay their lifestyle off. Every time they make more money, they increase their lifestyle. Their lifestyle is always just above the money they’re making. They stay in debt and that’s why most have no savings or net worth in the US, why the majority of the money is held with a very small portion of the population – only about 5%. Most people aren’t managing their money to create wealth. They’re spending instead for immediate gratification.”

What makes the tow truck owner different!

The tow truck owner is one of the 5% of our society who focused on building assets and growing wealth. The 5% are getting educated and making it a priority in their life. The priority in their life is, “I want to have wealth,” whatever that looks like for them. If you want $5,000 a month in retirement, passively, you need $1,300,000 in saved capital at work. How are you going to get to that $1,000,000? Again, it’s not about how much money you make, it’s what you do with the money you have that’s going to make you more money and help you become part of the 5% too.

Whether you’re a savvy investor looking for creative ways to build assets or you’re a person who’s maintaining a lifestyle and are finally ready to begin planning for a more secure future. The experiential story of the tow truck business owner is one example of how to build your wealth. There are multiple ways to invest and getting educated will help you realize that all it takes is discipline, planning and a pure desire to create a secure future for yourself. Wherever you give energy, is what you create in your life. Whether you’re making $50,000 or $200,000 a year, there’s always a way to put your money to work, it’s just a matter of doing it.

Better Best Network provides an array of education for those who are looking for inventive ways to grow and build their assets, maximize investments and create multiple streams of income to ensure future financial freedom.

Better Best Network’s two day seminar made me more aware of things that I should be doing. It gave me direction and now we have a more balanced portfolio. We have a plan, a roadmap, a trust and more of a grasp on our financial future. – Robyn T

Since the seminar three years ago I’ve made more money than ever, now I have armies of money in the form of diverse types of assets working for me. It would have taken me years to learn what I learned in one weekend on my own. – Laci B

In the Better Best Network Seminar you’ll:

– Learn how to make your money work for you
– Gain knowledge on how you can invest with as little as $500 to $5,000
– Discover how to create multiple streams of income from experts who are doing it
– Expand your wealth potential by learning how to build and create assets
Explore inventive ways to build assets, that most people don’t know about
– Learn resourceful ways to cut your expenses without feeling limitation
– Learn how to form a trust and prepare/secure your finances with an end goal in mind

If you’re ready to learn innovative strategies on how to create assets and multiple streams of income.

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December 15 th

“Build Wealth Now”

Exclusive Webinar Preview

If you are tired of your current financial situation and wish you were further in life than you are now, then this is for you.

You see, to become wealthy, you must be ready. If you want to learn how to build wealth and are ready to take the necessary action steps to get there, then this will be a great introductory. We’re going to show you the how, what it takes, and the applicable action steps to build a financially comfortable future.

In this “Build Wealth Now” exclusive webinar you’ll also: 

  • Get action strategies that’ll help you escape the paycheck to paycheck hamster wheel
  • Discover why you don’t have to be high earner to build wealth and how you can build wealth with a low income
  • Learn how to think like the wealthy and overcome scarcity programming
  • Learn real life case studies of how people just like you shifted their financial situation from struggling to success in less than 3 years

Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne have spent several years developing their proven wealth building strategy, and they have created a step-by-step process anyone can follow, including you. They have taken their method and condensed it into a 2-day course that is chock-full of actionable strategies that you can put to work in your life right away. 

Join us at 6:00pm December 15th for a complimentary one hour webinar preview of the Better Wealth class with Renee and Fred. It will be an hour well spent whether you choose to attend the class or not.

Better Wealth Preview Webinar

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Curious what other participants think of the Better Wealth 2-Day course?

 I made more money than I ever had in my whole life just from taking the two day class. How I feel and think about money and how now money comes to me. I have created additional streams of income. I can pay bills, do more things. I learned how to live like a business. Nicole

“Oh my gosh!  I mean, I’m making double the amount that I made three years ago; I have my own business; I think positively about money versus negatively, always in scarcity. My husband and I, we got married on the beach in Maui...I never would have imagined that I could make that happen financially, living paycheck to paycheck. We bought a house; he was able to leave his job making $30,000 a year…last year he made $150,000. We’ve been able to create a foundation for savings, for tithing...gosh, we paid off our car.” Gina

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