How to Adopt the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Build Wealth!

How to Adopt the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Build Wealth!

Do challenges hold you back? Is your current situation motionless or do you creatively find solutions to change your outcomes? There are those who accept their life circumstances as static realities and there are those who will do whatever it takes to create the outcomes they want for their lives. Which type of person do you want to be? Nothing in life is unchangeable — you can adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and be whoever you choose to be.

Wealth experts Fred Auzenne and Renee Cermak both say that it is beneficial to have an entrepreneur in every household. This person can treat household finances like a business, but also see and create opportunities for building wealth.

How do you know if you have what it takes? If you’re settling in life, how can you begin to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset? You don’t have to stay motionless!

If you have the mindset to work and seek out additional income streams, you have already put yourself into the category of ‘entrepreneur.’ You just might not be thinking about it in the right frame of mind.

First you will want to make a shift from active income to passive income!

While you are working hard, your money needs to be working too. This is the first step wealth-builders and entrepreneurs take that most people don’t even think about. Wealth experts Fred Auzenne and Renee Cermak specialize in transitioning from earning active income to generating passive income at the same time. The first step of transitioning your mindset is believing that you are worthy and that you can build wealth, too! You are no different than entrepreneurs who creates opportunities for themselves.

What is the fundamental difference between the mindset of the wealthy and the poor?

If you ask Fred Auzenne about the difference between the wealthy and the poor, the answer may seem rather pessimistic. However, the reality of it remains true until you change your mindset. Fred will tell you, “Poor people are typically poor because of their mental wealth game. They are poor and they will always be poor because they won’t take the action steps.” Why is that?

Learn more about the contrast of mindset between the successful and the poor!

Fred continues, “Think about someone you know that is constantly saying things like, ‘It won’t work, I already know that.’ This is the mentality that is ruining them. If you tell a poor person to take the time to educate themselves in building wealth, they probably won’t. Their mindset of believing that nothing can change their situation is constantly holding them back. This friend or acquaintance of yours probably acts like they know better and they know it will never work.”

Fred states, “In contrast, now think of someone you know who is the opposite, someone who is well-off. Chances are you rarely hear them say the things that were stated by the person who is less well-off. That is because the wealthy do not look at challenges as obstacles. Instead, they seize the moment and work to turn obstacles into opportunities. You have probably seen your wealthy friend smile at something that seems impossible. This is because excitement has overcome them and they are ready to tackle the adventure.”

If you want to change your wealth status in life, start by adopting an entrepreneurial frame of mind.

If you want to change your status in life, it starts with changing your frame of mind. Think about it like this: people will pay to learn how you got over the hump that they saw as a challenge. Your hard work will pay dividends in the long run, as opposed to the poor people who couldn’t get out of their own way.

Let’s use a non-money example that was quickly turned into a business. Only 1% of the population will toe the line of a full marathon. The 26.2 mile distance stops people from ever even starting a training plan. Even elite runners struggle with the distance. But, for those who are willing to go the distance (no pun intended), there are thousands more who are willing to pay for their expertise in the form of training plans, nutrition guides, and products. Those distance runners may not have started running to make money, but because they were willing to put themselves out there and do something others only wish they could, they have given themselves the opportunity.

There are thousands of examples out there like this one. Which one will you take advantage of?

You may be thinking that it is not possible to become wealthy with the amount of money you make,but that is not true! That is the exact mindset that wealth experts Fred Auzenne and Renee Cermak want to help you change. They both attest that you can become wealthy on any income but you have to make it a goal and stick to your plan. After all, it did not take much money at all for those runners to turn a sport into a business.

We are not saying that it is going to be easy. In fact, we are saying exactly the opposite. This is why few people in life become truly wealthy. Most people see the path as ‘too hard.’

Renee states, “Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, the process starts with living beneath your means and saving what you can in a wealth account. This is an account you will not touch for any purpose except to start building your wealth and future. When income comes in, you immediately move 10% of it into your wealth account, paying yourself first. If you are not able to do 10%, start with a smaller percent and work your way up.  For example, if you make $50,000, try saving an additional $5,000 a year. That is going to seem like a lot but it will pay off in the long run.”

Remember Fred Auzenne’s favorite quote, “It is about short term sacrifices for long-term gain.”

Renee continues to teach how building wealth happens, “You may not think that $5,000 a year will amount to much but think about it this way: if you were spending that money in the present instead, would that money hold its value in ten years? When you pay yourself 10% first, you will create a new habit of living on the 90% and as you watch your wealth account grow, you’ll feel inspired by your progress.  This is what we mean by short term sacrifices for long-term gain. Also, consider putting any bonuses or extra money in your wealth account because it’ll be there for you in the future and you won’t miss it. The smartest move you can make is when you receive a raise to $60,000, and you do not change your lifestyle and raise you expenses and you can put the $10,000 in the wealth building account.”

Now turn the tables: if you save $5,000 a year for ten years and do nothing with it, it will total $50,000. The first steps are to start putting the money back and then after you have built up your wealth account, you can begin to put your money to work so you can reap the future rewards. This is how entrepreneurs and the rich build wealth.

Before you can ever become wealthy, you have to get out of your own way. Stop saying ‘no’ to opportunities that come knocking. When you change your mindset, you can change your life. The entrepreneurial mindset is definitely one to adopt. If you haven’t thought of how you can make money work for you and create multiple sources of cash flow before now, you can definitely change your mindset and start taking action like an entrepreneur would. It’s never too late to adopt a new mindset and begin building wealth.


Jim’s Experience of the “Better Wealth Seminar”

From Financial Hemorrhage to Debt-Free in Nine Months

“When Judy and I chose to attend your Better Wealth Seminar, we were pretty far from any concept of wealth,” Jim begins.  “When we arrived, I remember telling you and Fred that we needed “FINANCIAL TRIAGE” to stop the hemorrhaging! We were pretty scared and did not know what to do first. I felt pretty lost and was hoping for fresh ideas.

We were deeply in debt.  We had three years of back taxes totaling over $22,000, including penalties that were driving the total higher by the day. Also, we had over $35,000 in credit card debt that was growing due to the interest charges.

One of the concepts we learned about in the class, building a wealth team of professionals, sounded expensive, like it could be only for the rich and successful. Yet, my wife and I learned that they are not. When the class ended, I felt hopeful and confident that I had a roadmap to get us out of the dark place we had created.

We learned how to form a PLLC for our real estate business and we took action right away.  Later, I learned from professionals just how beneficial a PLLC could be for me and my tax situation. They showed me that we could refile our taxes under the PLLC and take advantage of more deductions because we had been in the real estate business for over eight years. It cost us about $5,000 to do this, but we eliminated the penalties and even got refunds for those years! We applied the refunds toward the credit card debt and by the end of that year (nine months after the Better Wealth Seminar), we were out of debt!

2016 has been our best year ever for real estate.  We have increased our net worth by over $300,000 since taking your class and continue to apply what we learned.

We highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to build wealth.

-Jim Harmon


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