Differences Between the Wealthy and the Poor

Wealthy people think differently about money than poor people, that’s a fact.

The biggest contributor to your financial results (income, savings, investments, retirement) is your beliefs about you and money…how you think about money.

We like to point fingers at other people for holding us back, not paying us enough, or not seeing our potential. Yet we have only ourselves to blame! Whatever you believe about you and money, you will be right about it. You have a belief about you and income, you and saving money, you and investing, you and retirement.

If you would like to know what those beliefs are, look at your current results.

How much money do you make? Do you earn large amounts or small amounts? Is your income consistent or inconsistent? Do you struggle to make money or do you make it easily? Are you an investor or spender? What’s the most amount of money your beliefs have ever let you earn in one year? Think about the answers to those questions. Your current results “fit” or “match” your beliefs about you. Your current income fits your beliefs about you. More money does not fit; otherwise you would be making it. I realize that this is rather harsh and I am not one for sugar-coating things.

According to T. Harv Ecker, here are a few things that rich people do and believe…

  • I create my life
  • I am committed to being rich, building wealth
  • Think big
  • Focus on opportunities
  • Admire and respect other rich successful people
  • Associate with other positive, rich, successful people
  • Wiling to promote themselves and their value to others
  • Bigger than their problems
  • Know how to receive gifts
  • Choose to be paid based on results
  • Focus on their net worth
  • Mange money well
  • Have their money work hard for them
  • Act in spite of fear
  • Constantly learn and grow

What if you are not right about what you have decided about you and wealth? What if you could change your current results? When I was 27 yrs. old I was a cocktail waitress making $30,000 a year. That income “fit” my beliefs about me and money at the time. Today I am 45 years old with many sources of income and a high net worth. My current income fits my beliefs about me. The only thing that changed was my beliefs. Here are some examples using some of Harv’s verbiage.

At 27 yrs. old I believed that to earn money I had to work for someone as an employee.  Today, I own several businesses.

At 27 yrs. old I traded time for money and got paid an hourly wage. Today, I choose to be paid on results and I have my money out there working hard for me.

At 27 yrs. old I believed that life happened to me. Today I believe that I create my life.

At 27 yrs. old I focused on my working income. Today, I focus on my net worth.

At 27 yrs. old I focused on obstacles.  Today, I focus on opportunities.

Here are some tips to get you in a rich state of mind:

  1. Interview the wealthy people you know and find out their story. Notice how they think and what they talk about.
  2. READ! Start reading books about successful people, successful businesses, wealth building, and increasing self-esteem.
  3. Take financial classes, seminars, and workshops. With education you will realize that building wealth is not bigger than you.
  4. Elevate your circle of friends. We tend to attract what we are, not what we want to be more of. We tend to spend time with people who think similarly to us regarding money in order to stay comfortable. The key is to spend time with people who think bigger, think wealthier and make more money than you. Soon their mindset rubs off on you. And successful, wealthy people tend to hang out with other successful, wealthy people.   They also love to help other people join them in success.

~ Renee Cermak

“World peace rocks, and so does being rich.” Mike Dooley

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