Building Wealth is Not Just for Big Thinkers

Building Wealth is Not Just for Big Thinkers

Building wealth isn’t rocket science. What is wealth, really? It’s money, assets, and investments of course but it’s also so much more. Wealth is often a reflection of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. The really great thing, is that money tends to follow when you expand your personal emotional relationship with money while also building on your wealth foundation. Even if making money or improving your business isn’t a main motivator for taking this course, the financial results due to taking the action steps, are a pretty empowering by-product.

Achieving the Impossible

Joe and Samantha state it best in their testimonials on how simple changes had major impact on their wealth. They start with discussing the journey of beginning a spending plan.

“ The budget Samantha and I put together in June seemed impossible for us to achieve. We looked into just about every area to see what we could cut. We were shocked and happy when in July we came close to our budget-we ended up only $100 or so above. In August we beat the same impossible budget by almost $2000! And, we increased our personal net income by $2500. It’s interesting what is possible with a little more knowledge, willingness, and open-mindedness can bring.

Keep More of  Your Money

Joe continues, “Reviewing our business insurance policies we found charges for products we no longer needed-refund of $2,771, and found an area in which we did not have enough coverage – increase in premium of $229. We are now better covered and no longer paying for something we no longer need. I have mixed emotions over this one; I am happy we got a refund and we are spending a lot less per year, however, for how long have we been wasting money? Bottom line: I am happy I am gaining more respect for money.”

Taking Action Can Save You Big Money in Fees

As Joe shares his journey he adds, I also met with my business banker and from that I found I really don’t need an analysis account anymore-savings of $90/mo. I don’t need a sweep account between my line of credit and business account anymore-savings of $200/mo. And I don’t need the online wire transfer feature since I prefer to call it in when I do a wire (free)-savings $15/mo. Not bad-now I am saving $305/mo on bank fees. Woohoo, this if fun!

There is something about this course that has really gotten me off my butt doing things that I have procrastinated about for years. I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities, from multiple sources and on a continual basis.” – Joe

In addition to Samantha and Joe’s outcomes because of the action they took after the Better Wealth Seminar.  Here are a few examples of other students results that happened specifically after Saturday evening’s homework:

  • One student found $1500 in uncashed checks and gift cards
  • Another student realized she had two insurance policies on the same rental property and therefore was double paying
  • One woman realized she was still paying her ex-husband’s credit card…for the last 2 years
  • One student recovered an orphaned 401K account from 20 years ago

This is the type of magic that happens as a result of the wealth education Fred and Renee provide

Better Wealth Seminar will provide you the support and tools to create wealth in ways you’ve never considered before.

“Definitely, the principles you learn in class will carry with you your entire life. One weekend can change how you truly live the rest of your life. The Better Wealth Seminar is a benchmark, a milestone, and the knowledge gained from this class will keep paying you dividends again and again, like money itself.

I had a very limited understanding of what I thought about money or where my beliefs came from and how that played out in my financial life. The Better Wealth Seminar allowed me to understand why I was making the decisions I was making. It empowered me to know what was POSSIBLE with money in a completely different way than ever before.” – Tom

Create a blueprint for creating a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

“The weekend seminar made me more aware of things that I should be doing. It gave me direction in terms of what I needed to do-what still needed to be done. We have a more balanced portfolio now. We have a plan instead of not knowing what to do or how to do it. Now we have a roadmap, a trust, and more of a grasp on our financial future.” – Robyn

“I made more money than I ever had in my whole life just from taking the Better Wealth Seminar. How I feel and think about money and now how money comes to me. I have created additional streams of income. I can pay my bills, and do more things. I learned to live like a business.” – Nicole

Better Best Network: Success Training That Works!

Whether you are looking to increase your income, improve your business, tap into your personal power, or create more balance or build better relationships, this is where it happens! Create abundance, manage change, and embrace the possibilities of YOU!

The next Better Wealth class will be held

June 9th – 11th, 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ.

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