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Are you ready to change your financial situation forever? Would like to learn how wealthy people think and create wealth! Do you want to create realistic goals to design a new future with liberty and choice! This can be a reality for you. The myth is that wealth building is only for a select few. In reality, wealth building isn’t rocket science and anyone can learn how, even you.

Why not learn from others who’ve done it. Wealth experts Fred Auzenne and Renee Cermak, built the majority of their own wealth over the last decade and they have a proven step by step process to help people just like you, build wealth too.

They’ve been teaching people how to build wealth since 2012, and the results that come from this education are profound. And guess what, the class is this weekend!



Friday Jan 20 and Saturday Jan 22nd 2017

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Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience from the program as collected from real student interviews and are true perspectives given after the “Better Wealth Seminar” completion.

After completing this seminar you will;

  • Feel Better Equipped by understanding how to build true wealth
  • Discover a tangible process for how to build wealth
  • Shift from the thinking that building wealth is intimidating to building wealth is easy and doable
  • Understand the precise actions you need to take to make more money
  • Discover who you need to become to grow wealth
  • Experience money breakthroughs that’ll change how you view money forever
  • Begin to stop wasting money forever, and gain the discipline to cherish your money and watch it grow
  • Reset your mind to feel ease about money
  • Have an eye opening experience filled with possibility and hope
  • Rethink your networth strategy and grow it faster than you ever have
  • Learn the wealthy’s fundamental way of life that you probably aren’t accustomed too

More of what others are saying!

Definitely the principles you learn in class will carry with you your entire life. One weekend can change how you truly live the rest of your life. Better Best Network is a benchmark, a milestone and the knowledge gained from this class will keep paying you dividends again and again, like money itself.

Better Best network revealed for me a great moment of truth to find out where I am financially, so I can move forward and create massive abundance.
 – Better Wealth Seminar Student

This seminar provided for me a point a and gave me the financial picture, a new awareness of my relationship with money and so many ideas of how to invest it to make my money work for me.
– Better Wealth Seminar Student

I was able to see where I am financially and emotionally related to my finances and what seemed intimidating before seems easy and doable now.

– Wendy F

This class gives you the precise actions you need to create the financial freedom and net worth you desire.

 – Iona

Wow, For the first time ever I understand why I have struggled with money and can see how I need to change and begin having the relationship I desire with it.

– Ferrin T.

Clarity is power and this course provides a definite starting point A and what is needed to get to point b. I learned my own relationship with wealth is essential to growth which is why this is invaluable.

– Mandi


Wealth Experts Fred Auzenne and Renee Cermak’s

“WHY” for The Better Wealth Seminar!

Our intention of the Better Wealth Seminar is to move you towards an expansive mindset where you begin to see possible what you’ve never consciously considered before while still giving you the step by action strategies you need to make wealth building happen. – Fred Auzenne and Renee Cermak

If you’re ready to get started on your wealth building journey, with two experts who’ve created wealth for themselves!

Join us and become a part of our wealth building community!

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